【2021】初詣第二弾、縁結び、金運アップで芝大神宮、勝運アップで増上寺へ(【2021】The second shrine visit, matchmaking, and money luck up to Shiba Daijingu, and luck up to Zojoji Temple)

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Hello, this is hiroko.

Today, I would like to introduce Shiba Daijingu and Zojoji Temple in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

I went to Hatsumode for the second time this year. This year, the first visits are accepted until February, so it's okay to be free. I went to my favorite place, also called a power spot.


目次(table of contents)


芝大神宮とは(What is Shiba Daijingu?)




It enshrines Amaterasu Omikami and Toyouke Omikami, the deities of Ise Jingu, and is sometimes called "Ise-sama in the Kanto region." It has a history of over 1000 years.




参った感想(Impressions that came)





Until now, I've been more or less married, but this year I wish I had this amulet, so I went there.

It is a "good luck charm". It seems that you will be given stronger luck than good luck. This is what I saw on someone's blog. Limited number for a limited time. I thought it was a connection, so I went without checking when it was there. And there was! Looking at the site, it seems that the territory started on December 27, 2020. It is made in the lucky color of the year and is gender-separated. The women's I bought was made of silver, orange and red. Looking only at the colors for men, they are white, yellow-green, and gold.

I was really lucky. I want to make this year a lucky year. One was 800 yen. It seems that it will be mailed, but it will be 1000 yen including shipping.







And one more thing, I got such a cute Omikuji!

This is Koinobori. Choose your favorite from the place where red and white carps are crowded in a transparent box. One is 300 yen. I chose red. And the fortune-telling result was Sueyoshi. It is said that the fortune of love is gradually improving, so I look forward to it.

There are many types of amulets and omikuji, and you get lost.



増上寺とは(What is Zojoji Temple?)



As you can see from the stamp of the Aoi crest of this red stamp, it is the family temple of the Tokugawa family. Amida Nyorai is enshrined. It has a history of 600 years. Since it is a temple that protects the back demon gate of Edo, the site is large and there are buildings related to this area around it. I would like to take a walk and introduce it next time.



参った感想(Impressions that came)




I worshiped the statues of Amida Nyorai in the main shrine and the front of Ankokuden (it seems that there is Kurohonzon Amida Nyorai behind this). As I found out later, I hold a prayer session for Kurohonzon three times a year, and January 15th is also the day. The red stamp I got today says "Kurohonzon", but it seems that I can only get this character at this time. The schedule may have changed with the new coronavirus, but I think I was lucky again.

I didn't buy it this time, but the "lucky charm" is famous. I bought this before for my nephew's exam. This time, I bought a "good luck charm" at Shiba Daijingu, so I stopped it.










As the second visit to the shrine, I visited Shiba Daijingu and Zojoji Temple. Both are power spots near Tokyo Tower.

Shiba Daijingu is famous for improving romance, but there is also an increase in game luck, and there are a limited number of amulets for a period called "strong luck charm".

Zojoji is famous for its good luck, as there is only the Tokugawa family's  temple.

Well, it takes effort, not just luck.





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